This is a zoomable Mandelbrot sequence using Node JS. You can zoom in on an interesting area by dragging your cursor and go back to the previous view by pressing the <space> key. The program uses imaginary numbers to generate the Mandelbrot sequence. These numbers are stored with separate real and imaginary pieces. The different coordinates on the screen have to pass a test to be considered part of the Mandelbrot set. The area that is part of the Mandelbrot set is colored white and the rest is colored another color. My code for this project can be found at  github.com or khanacademy.org

Live NodeJS Program

 Examples of my other recent art projects are shown below (click to enlarge). My other interests are shown in my portfolio.

Recycled book

Book  Sculpture[2017]


Charcoal self portrait[2017]

van Gogh style

Van Gogh style acrylic painting[2017]


Wire deer

Antelope wire sculpture[2016]


Ceramic mug [2016]

Printing Project [2016]

Johan Vonk

Johan Vonk

Johan is a student in Los Altos, CA.I see education as the foundation upon which entrepreneurs are able to build innovative organizations and execute their vision for the future.
Johan Vonk

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