Arduino Stuff

Software Tools

image name purpose details
arduinoapp-01 Arduino IDE + GNU C compiler Integrated Development Environment  Add desired boards
visual-studio-2013-logo Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (free) Integrated Development Environment First install the Arduino IDE, then install the Arduino for Visual Studio plugin.
avr-studio-logo Atmel Studio Integrated Development Environment Use ATMEL-ICE for debugging (see below)
fritzing_logo_new Fritzing (for simple wiring) Draw wiring pictures
cadsoft-logo3 EagleCAD
Enter Schematics and Printed Circuit Board Layout InstallSchematics,

keep both windows open

 Microcontroller / FPGA

image name purpose details
arduino-unoi-r3 Arduino UNO The original Arduino  5 V
arduinoprotrinket Arduino Pro Trinket 3V Small form factor Arduino 3.3 V
Requires board support and drivers.  Upload and serial debug over FTDI.
arduino101 Arduino 101 Connect to Bluetooth LE Includes gyroscope and accelerometer
Based on Intel Curie
arduinomidimod Arduino UNO with MIDI mod Connect to iPad3 using USB-MIDI 5 V
arduino3v3mod Arduino UNO with 3V3 mod Connect to LX9 FPGA 3.3 V
 esptoy ESP8266 Toy Connect to WiFi 3.3 V, includes regulator + LiPo charger.
Use USB port for Upload/USB-Serial debug.
For automatic uploads, wire RTS* (CH340#14) and DTR (CH340#13) to respectively RST* (ESP12#1) and GPIO0 (ESP12#12)
huzzah esp8266 ESP8266 Huzzah Basic Connect to WiFi Powered by 4 – 6 V, with 3.3 V I/O
Use FTDI Friend for Upload/USB-Serial debug with extra DTR signal
doc weather templog start examples
adafruit_huzzah_feather ESP8266 Huzzah Feather Connect to WiFi Powered by 4 – 6 V, with 3.3 V I/O
Use stacking headers if you plan to use shields.  Install CP2104 driver.
esp8266raw ESP8266 barebones Connect to WiFi 3.3 V
rfr2_xplainedpro_spl ATmega256RFR2 Xplained Pro Evl Kit Connect to Zigbee ATMEGA256RFR2-XPRO
xilinx LX9 FPGA Dev Board  FPGA development Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA board
image_60_thumb DE0-Nano FPGA Dev Board FPGA development Altera Cyclone IV FPGA board
rpi Raspberry Pi 3  Linux development

Parts, Breakouts and Shields


image name purpose details
PIR sensor Passive Infrared Motion sensor Detect people/animals Manual
Microphone AGC Microphone Amplifier Digitize audio 3.3 V or 5 V (clean)
nclude Auto Gain Control
1 V with Vcc/2 bias
 memsmicro MEMS Microphone Digitize audio 3.3 V or 5 V (clean)
200 mV with Vcc/2 bias
TSOP38238 Infrared sensor Decode infrared remote control signals TSOP38238, see IR library (SilverLit protocol)
lighttransistor Photo Transistor Detect Light intensity RoHS compliant replacement for CdS photocells.  HW5P-1.
CdS Photo Resistor CdS Photo Resistor Detect light intensity PDV-P8001
Tactile Button switch Tactile Buttons Conduct when pushed
TMP36 Temperature Sensor Temperature sensor, analog Measure temperature Datasheet TMP36
DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor Temperature sensor, 1-wire Measure temperature Datasheet DS1820
rotaryencoder Rotary Encoder with knob(s) Input digital value Library (or alternative)
uses 6mm D-shaft
flex Short flex sensor Measure angle Manual
captouch Capacitive Touch Sensor Detect touch 1.8 – 5.5 V


image name purpose details
 1.8" TFT screen  1.8″ TFT Display (SPI) Display graphics 3.3 V or 5 V
includes uSD interface; FAT32 OK
 18tftshield 1.8″ TFT Shield (SPI) Display graphics 3.3 V or 5 V
includes uSD interface; FAT32 OK
LED 8x8 matrix 8×8 LED Matrix + i2c interface Display pixels 5 V
2x16lcd Standard LCD 16×2 Display text 5 V
white on blue
20x4lcd Standard LCD 20×4 + I2C/SPI interface Display text 5 V (for 3.3V use charge pump to create -1.2V)
white on blue, increase contrast until readable
I/O 3.3 or 5V (note R4/R5 4k7 pull-ups to Vcc)
4x7segmentled 7 Segment LCD + I2C interface Display numbers 3.3 or 5 V (note R1/R2 10kΩ pull-ups to Vcc)
white digits
Manual, or morbit
adafruit_feather_oled OLED Feather Display graphics 3.3 V


src: digikey.com OLED Display Display graphics Library
ps1240 Piezo Buzzer Generate simple tones 3 – 30 V
2 – 10 kHz
colorleds 3mm LEDs Indicator light red 1.8 – 2.2 V; 16 – 18 mA
green 2 – 2.4 V; 16 – 18 mA
yellow 2 – 2.4 V; 16 – 18 mA
 neopixel NeoPixel RGBW LED Color light source 3.3 or 5 V
800 KHz protocol
haptic Haptic (optional driver) Vibrate 2 – 5 V
3axisservo Pan-Tilt kit  Change angle 3 – 6 V
95769_1_high HK-282A Ultra-Micro Servo  Change angle 3 – 4.8 V
m-_0xeh4js0znu7quqyvdcw Micro Servo Male Connectors Plugs w Leads 5 Pcs 1.25Pitch 3 Pin Molex US Stock Extension cord for Ultra-Micro Servo

Networking and Radio

image name purpose details
Arduino Ethernet shield Ethernet Shield Connect to Internet Reference
fs1000a 433.92 Mhz ASK Simple wireless data link rx/tx pair FS1000A + XY-MK-5V, datasheet txdatasheet rx$/$library (ASK) and examplesbasicsdoc, examplerc power sockets, see ray’s or basicsrcswitch, compatible with Spark Fun’s 434 MHz RF Tx and Rx
 2g4trans 2.4 GHz Rx/Tx Transceiver Remote control helicopters/drones Based on Nordic nRF24L01+, Vcc=3V3, i/o 5 V tolerant, $library (NRF24)other libraryexamplesnotes, datasheet. Requires hardware mods: (1) add 10 μF between Vcc and GND on the breakout to help with transients; (2) replace 2×4 with 1×8 header to use with breadboard.
img_5090 RFID-RC522 Read RFID tags 3.3 V
rs485 RS485 Module TTL/RS485 interface

Power Supply

image name purpose details
3v7_150mah LiPo Battery 3.7V 150 mAh Rechargeable battery
3v7_730mah LiPo Battery 3.7V 730 mAh Rechargeable battery
powerboost500 PowerBoost 500 Battery charger and DC/DC converter
breadboardpwr Breadboard power supply Power supply for breadboard Manual
.3 V, 5 V. adjustable
1.25 A
9vbatteryadapt 9V battery holder Power supply for Arduino
9vadapter 9V power adapter 1A Power supply for Arduino


image name purpose details
halfbreadbrd Half-size bread board
fullbreadbrd Full-size bread board
mountingplate Plastic mounting plate for breadboard+Arduino
wirebundle Breadboard wire bundle
61g970b8dnl-_sy355_ Male/male jumper wires 3″ / Male/make jumper wires 6″ 40x 3″ / 40x 6″
11367-02a Hook-up wire spool set 22AWG Solid 6×25′
wirewrappingtool  Wire wrapping tool Prototyping  Manual
m0tfcqpjqq4gu88buoc6qpg Wire-Wrap wire  PCB reworking 30AWG Solid 200m


image name purpose details
ti_to_220_3 3.3V Regulator (1.2V drop) Power regulator LM1117T-3.3
mic2940a-3-3 3.3V Regulator (0.4V drop) Power regulator MIC2940A-3.3WT
mic2940a-5-0 5V Regulator (0.4V drop) Power regulator MIC2940A-5.0WT
dpak_3_t 3.3V Regulator Power regulator NCP1117DT33G
own work DC/DC converter (5V 0.5A) Power regulator 945-1648-5-ND
10468-01 Graphic Equalizer Display Filter Equalizer Display MSGEQ7
74hc595 TTL Shift Register Expand i/o ports 74HC595
img_9443 Dual rail-to-rail 2.7-6V Opamp Amplify analog signal TLV2462
ti_pdip_16 Non-inverting Buffer & Line Driver Hex Level shifting 75HC4050
soic_8_t RS-485 Interface 3.3V Transceiver RS485/UART interface MAX3485CSA+
inhouse_1n4001_t Power diode Diode 1N4001
own work Small signal diode Diode 1N4148
2n3904 Small signal switching NPN transistor Transistor 2N3904
Small signal switching PNP transistor Transistor MPS3640
3mm5audio 3.5 mm headphone jack Connect music
own work 3.5 mm pitch terminator Connect power 1776275-2
own work USB Micro-B breakout Connect power
13268-01 Snappable protoboard  Prototyping
stanley Stanley 25-Compartment Organizer
rpi_dvicable HDMI/DVI interface for Raspberry Pi Output for Raspberry Pi
rpiextension GPIO/breadboard interface for Raspberry Pi Bread boarding for Raspberry Pi
resistor-kit Resistor kit  Resistors E12 values from 0 – 10 MΩ
1/4 W
inductor-kit Inductor kit  Inductors 0.56 μH – 4.7 mH
0.5 W
capacitor-kit Capacitor kit Capacitors 4.7 pF – 470 μF
50 V
ceramic / aluminum electrolytic
bypasscap Bypass capacitor Reduce power noise 0.1 μF / 50V / ceramic
App note
digikey.com USB Micro-B cable (2 m) USB cable AK67421-2

Workbench Tools

image name purpose details
11394-01 Frequency Generator FG085 Generate waveforms
la_kit DSLogic Logic Analyzer Visualize digital signals 16ch 400MHz
ds1052e Rigol DS1052E Oscilloscope Visualize analog signals 50Mhz
fluke Fluke 115 Multimeter Measure analog signals
power Mastech HY1803D DC Power supply 0-18V, 0-3A
ada-ftdi-friend-1-1000x667 FTDI Friend with DTR mod UART/USB interface DTR is needed to program ESP8266
img_9447 Bluetooth LE Friend Bluetooth sniffer
atmeliot Atmel 802.15.4 USB Stick Zigbee sniffer
nrf51-dongle_spl nRF51-Dongle Bluetooth sniffer
atatmel_ice_basic_dsl Atmel ICE Basic Software Debugging Manual
Quick start
keyboard Mini Keyboard Input for Raspberry Pi

Lego Mindstorms NXT

image name purpose details
bricktronicsshield Bricktronics Interface with Lego Mindstorms NXT hardware note: diodes not needed with NXT motors. $library, examples, more examples

Notes on using 3.3V and 5V together.

See also Soldering with Kids.


More: Sylvia, What is arduino?, Tutorials (sparkfun), Makezine, Instructables

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