Soldering with Kids


Dave’s Electrinics Engineering Video Blog is great! (equipmentthrough hole, surface mount).  For those less patient, watch this video.


image name purpose details
weller Weller Soldering Station   WES51
soldervacuum Desoldering vacuum pump Remove solder  
solder Solder Solder 60/40 Stand, 0.031″
sidecutter Side cutters    
solderwick Solder wick  Remove solder  
pcbholder PCB holder  Hold PCB  
fluxpen Flux pen  Flow solder  
solderpaste Solder paste  Solder  
tweezers Tweezers  Hold components  


image name notes details
 solder-christmastree Christmas tree   Manual
solder-spinning-wheel Spinning LED wheel   Manual
mk131 Traffic light   Manual
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sound to light   Manual
solder-binkypov Blinky persistence of visionhttps://store.wayneandlayne.com/products/blinky-pov-kit.html   Source, Manual, Programmer, Schematic
solder-bug Running microbug   Manual
 fmtransmitter2 FM transmitter   Source
solder-fiberoptics Fiber Optics Voice Kit   Manual
solder-opensprinkler2 OpenSprinkler Requires excellent soldering skills Source
61itcdjbcvl-_sx425_ Build a motor   Manual
Crystal AM Radio   Detail
Coert Vonk

Coert Vonk

Independent Firmware Engineer at Los Altos, CA
Welcome to the things that I couldn’t find.This blog shares some of the notes that I took while deep diving into various fields.Many such endeavors were triggered by curious inquiries from students. Even though the notes often cover a broader area, the key goal is to help the them adopt, flourish and inspire them to invent new technology.
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