North Lake to Humphreys Basin (CA)

Easy Facts: 14 miles round trip. Best season mid to late. Strenuous when done with only one overnight stay. Starts at North Lake. Ends at Upper Golden Trout Lake.

Humphreys Basin offers excellent cross-country day hiking to dozens of lakes. From huge, barren Desolation Lake to lightly forested, turquoise Packsaddle Lake. The intricate, twisting beauty of the basin’s many stream channels surpasses any human design. You can easily spend a day rambling up and down one. There are peaks to bag, ranging from difficult Mt Humphreys (Class 4 by the easiest route) to gentle, unnamed knobs. A base camp there give you access to countless high-country delights. The trail is easy. Away from it, be ready for cross-country hiking that grades from easy off-trail to enjoyable but demanding boulder scrambling. Continue reading “North Lake to Humphreys Basin (CA)”