High Sierra suggestions

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A few of the fabulous hikes in the High Sierra Nevada mountains. All distances are include both out and back.

June Lakes area (map)

  • Parker Lake trail
    • modern hiker, 3.6 mi, 646 ft gain
    • alltrails, 4.0 mi out-and-back, 600 ft gain
    • localhikes, 4.5 mi round trip, 600 ft gain
    • trails, 4.0 mi total, 600 ft gain
    • coertvonk, 3.7 mi, 1,083 ft gain, climbing to 8,400 ft
    • maps, unaware of trail
    • easy last-day hike, nice but well traveled
  • Thousand Island Lake loop

Mammoth Lakes area (map)

  • Sherwin Lakes trail
    • modern hiker, 5.2 mi, 900 ft gain
    • mammothtrails, 3.0 mi
    • alltrails, 3.4 mi out-and-back, 954 ft gain
    • trails, 4.9 mi total, 879 ft gain
    • lower elevation, forested
  • Valentine Lake trail
  • Laurel Lakes trail (Edith Lake, NWN of Lake Dorothy)
    • mammothtrails, 4.2 mi
    • trails, 10 mi total, 2,720 ft gain
    • SUV road to trail head; might be steep
  • Convict Lake Loop trail
  • Convict Creek trail
  • Convict Lake to Dorothy/Mildred Lake
    • grindtv, 7 mi one way, 2,300 ft gain
    • tricky trail
  • McGee Creek trail
  • Silver Divide Timberline
    • coertvonk, 36 mi, 12,140 ft gain
    • 9-day backpack
  • Lake George to Crystal Lake
    • calitrails, 3.3 mi, 700 ft gain
    • maps,  2.2 mi, 823 ft gain
    • the Lake Mary are is busy

Rock Creek area

  • Rock Creek Lake
  • Mosquito Flat to Ruby Lake
    • coertvonk, 4.0 mi round trip, 330 ft gain
    • trails, 4.2 mi total, 850 ft gain
    • maps, 4.4 mi, 886 ft gain, from 10,233 ft to 11,119 ft
    • as we all know
  • Mosquito Flat to Pioneer Basin
  • Little Lakes Valley to Chickenfoot Lake
    • alltrails, 7.7 mi out-and-back, 800 ft gain
    • trails, 6.6 mi, 500 ft gain
    • calitrails, 6 mi round trip, 500 ft gain
    • coertvonk, 2* 2.9 mi, 1,542 gain (seems wrong), max elevation 10,797 ft
    • maps, 5.4 mi, 561 ft gain, max elevation 10,722 ft
    • nice and slightly different
  • Little Lakes Valley to Treasury Lakes
    • coertvonk, 5.88 mi, 2,052 gain (seems wrong), max elevation 10,872 ft 
    • maps, 6.4 mi, 705 ft gain, max elevation 10,866 ft
    • seems doable with older kids

Bishop area (map1map2)

  • North Lake to Humphreys Basin
  • Sabrina Lake to Emerald Lake trail
    • modern hiker, 7.2 mi, 1,721 ft gain
    • seems nice, might be pushing it
  • Sabrina Lake to Midnight Lake
  • South Lake – Treasure Lakes
    • modern hiker, 5.3 mi, 1,465 ft gain
    • maps (section missing), 5.0 mi, 139 ft gain, max elevation 1,001 ft
    • seems nice for backpacking too
  • South Lake – Bishop Pass
  • South Lake – Dusy Basin
    • coertvonk, 13.7 mi, 4,068 ft gain
    • 2-day backpack
  • South Lake to Lake Florence

Independence area

Western Sierra Nevada area

  • Edison Lake to Graveyard Lake
    • coertvonk, 13.8 mi, 2477 ft gain
    • hard to reach the trail head
References from:

Introduction to the High Sierra Nevada

“I have sometimes been asked what charm there can be in the higher levels of the Sierra, when the forests are gone and nothing remains that is not dead and forbidding, a bare crags and snow-fields. To such a question the surest answer would be an evening spent in such a camp as we had that night. Such a scene! – wild, desolate, forbidding. White granite for miles, black shadows in the canyons and clefts glistening show, and tiny lakes sparkling in the moonlight: jagged, fantastic peaks and pinnacles with alpine intensity of light and shadow, and masses of ice and snow clinging to the gentler slopes. And withal the intense quiet and loneliness of the place, a seeming new world where man and his works are nothing. The thrill of it all comes even now, though months have passed, and will remain through the years to come.”

— Lincoln Hutchinson, 1903

Welcome to my logbook à la picture album. Here you will find my collection of hikes through the High Sierra Nevada. The tables in this document indicate of the one way trail length, and accumulated ascend and descend. Sorry, most of the logs are still in Dutch, since I have not gotten around to to translate them.

‘though this may help you planning your trip, it should by no means be your only source. Always consult official forest service maps!
Mountaineering doesn’t have much purpose but much meaning

White Pass to Shoe Lake in Goat Rocks (WA)

Mosquito Flat to Ruby Lake (CA)