Running routes in and around NW Portland

Portland Rose GardenPortland (OR) is a great location to run.  A summary of my running routes and maps can be found below.  From April to October, I do my longer runs with Portland Marathon Clinic. During the winter one of the PMC coaches (Jim) leads a 12 min/mi group.  We alternate our runs between North Portland, Willamette park/Sellwood and 23rd/waterfront.  We all run the same pace, but distances vary widely from 8 mi up to 20 miles.

Here are some running maps:

  • Around home or school
    • Fanno Creek trail out and back up to 10 mi (map)
    • Bethany 4 mi (map)
    • Bethany 6 mi (map)
    • Rock Creek Rd and Skyline, no sidewalks, but great hill practice (map)
    • lots of runs in the shade on Wildwood and Leif Ericson (in Forest Park)
  • Long summer runs
    • The Pearl district (LuLuLemon) to Sellwood (map)
    • Duniway Park over Terwilliger to Lake Oswego (‘no map avail.’)
    • In Tualatin (map)
    • All the way out in Gresham (map)
  • Many of our winter runs start/end at a bakery / coffee shop
    • Fremont Grand Central Baking, 4 mi segment (map)
    • Fremont Grand Central Baking, 8 mi segment (map)
    • Fremont Grand Central Baking, another 8 mi segment (map)
    • Willamette Park to waterfront to Sellwood, up to 20 mi (map)
    • NW 23rd along the waterfront to Sellwood, up to 16 mi (map)

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