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The key effects of endurance training are the increased muscle efficiency and extended heart range. The heart range is the difference between you minimal heart rate and anaerobic threshold. Training increases the heart volume, thereby lowering the minimal heart rate. It also increases muscle efficiency thereby increasing the anaerobic threshold from 65% up to 91% of the maximum heart rate. This is why trained people can maintain a higher pace longer.

A good method to raise your anaerobic threshold is by doing many long runs at a slow pace. To get some diversity you might want to alternate these long endurance runs with short fartlek, interval or hill training sessions. The table below gives an overview of the training goals and training intensities associated.

Effect Intensity Duration Recovery
Recovery Faster recovery 60..70% 0:30 .. 0:60 ..1 day
Endurance I Burn fat 80% 1:00 .. 2:00 1..2 days
Endurance II Stabilize 85% 0:45 .. 1:30 1 day
Endurance III Increase the threshold 90% 0:30 .. 1:00 2..3 days
Speed Ext. Increase speed 95% intervals 1..2 days
Speed Int. Increase speed 105% intervals 1..2 days

Optimum Heart Rate

Based on these exercise levels, the calculator below generates customized training tables for both endurance and speed training.
Tell us about your resting heart rate (HRmin), weekly training distance (Distwk) and recent race performance (Distrace, Timerace, HRrace). If you do not know your heart rate during a race, then also enter your age and stamina. This will then be used to estimate the heart rage.

Pace Calculator
bpm HRrace bpm
Distwk mi Age yr
Distrace mi Stamina
Timerace h:mm     

Closing notes

Most injuries occur on days that you feel good and over-do it. — Listen to your body if it tells you to slow down. — Get good advice when you buy shoes! — Team Oregon‘s publications are a good starting point for further reading. — Rather overdress than dress too lightly. — Take at least ten minutes to warm up and cool down. — Have realistic targets and do not let others drag you along. — Every kilogram overweight costs one minute on the 10k. — Train a minimum of three to four times a week. — Allow your body a week to rest before a race. — Portland Marathon and Portland Fit have training programs in the Portland (OR) metro area. — Imagine.. by running 5% slower, you can almost double the distance! — have fun!.

Always consult a coach or sports physician before using these tables.

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