I have enjoyed a great many hours in a pursuit of science. My ambition is to solve real problems using math and science.

Presenting at school on location

Flight inquiry

Inquiry into flight. Video presentation from our school project. [2010] «read more»

Land veroverd op de zee

How the Dutch make land from water. Filmed on location in the Netherlands. [2011] «read more»


Lectures by Walter Lewin (MIT)

«see more (external)»


Stanford Splash

Participated in the past 3 years

Studying at home

Below are some projects we did at home.

Flour, yeast, water and salt makes bread

Baking bread is an experiment in biochemistry. The fermentation makes the bread chewy, fluffy and tasty. «read more»

How do computers do math?

Solid-state chemistry, Ohm’s law, semi-conductors, logic gates and combinational logic, simple arithmetic logic unit. «read more»

How do microprocessors work?

Introducing a computer architecture, the microprocessor and its finite state machine and implemention on a field programmable gate array. «read more»

Electromagnetism Inquiry

Starting from electrons spinning around their axis to electromagnetic fields. [2012] «read more»

Web browser accessing Arduino data

Shows how an external web site can change i/o values on your Arduino. «read more»

Soldering equipment and projects for kids

«read more»

Johan Vonk

Johan Vonk

Johan is a student in Los Altos, CA.I see education as the foundation upon which entrepreneurs are able to build innovative organizations and execute their vision for the future.
Johan Vonk

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