Applied math

Projects that I built by myself

For these project, I conducted the research and development at home. As always, my father supervised the project and helped me with architecture and code reviews to keep it readable and maintainable. He also provided suggestions to organize the code to make modules reusable and testable.

own work
Pitch Detection on Arduino using Autocorrelation

A device that recognizes the notes played on a musical instrument. 1st place in the Silicon Valley science competition. [2015] «read more»

derived work
Building Math Hardware

This article shows some implementation of the math operations introduced in chapter 7 of the inquiry “How do computers do Math?” The combinational logic is described in the HDL Verilog 2001. «not yet released»

Johan Vonk

Johan Vonk

Johan is a student in Los Altos, CA.I see education as the foundation upon which entrepreneurs are able to build innovative organizations and execute their vision for the future.
Johan Vonk

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