Lego Mindstorms Graphical Programming (NXT-G 2.0)

Bridges the gab between C programming and Lego NXT [2012] «read more»

Flour, yeast, water and salt makes bread

Baking bread is an experiment in biochemistry. The baker combines flour, yeast, water and salt in a bowl, shapes it all into a dough, lets it ferment and bakes it in a hot oven. The fermentation makes the bread chewy, fluffy and tasty. «read more»

How do microprocessors work?

The inquiry “How do computers do math introduced all the components needed to build a microprocessor. This inquiry will continue, but this time use a top-down approach. It starts by introducing a computer architecture, from where it introduces the microprocessor and its finite state machine. As the the final the microprocessor is implemented using a field programmable gate array. «read more»

Electromagnetism Inquiry

Inquiry into Electromagnetism. Starting from electrons spinning around their axis to electromagnetic fields. [2012] «read more»

How do computers do math?

This inquiry answers the question “How do computers do math?”. After a short introduction, it dives down into solid-state chemistry from where it emerges to traverse along Ohm’s law, semi-conductors, logic gates and combinational logic. It surfaces by building a simple arithmetic logic unit. «read more»