Complex Arithmetic in Extended Memory for HP-41cv/cx

This program introduces complex number operations to the HP-41CV and HP-41CX pocket calculators. «read more»

Complex Arithmetic with Adjustable Branch Cut for HP-41cv/cx

This program introduces complex number operations to the HP-41 calculator. Compared to the previous version, it allows the user to adjust the branch cut in the complex plane, and introduces the ATAN and ATANH operators. «read more»

Polynomial Factorization (to 5th degree) for HP-41cv/cx

This program calculates the roots of a polynomial sigh real number up to the 5th degree (quintic). A root of polynomial P(z) is a number zi such that P(zi)=0. A polynomial of degree n has n roots. Only real number coefficients are supported, because a polynomial with complex coefficients can be rewritten as two independent polynomials with real number coefficients. «read more»

Complex Matrix to Row Reduced Echelon Form for HP-41cv/cx

This program transforms a complex matrix into row reduced echelon form. In addition it computes the inverse and the determinant of its left square part. To do so it uses a maximum pivot method which reverses the complex matrix on place. «read more»

Complex Eigenvalues for HP-41cv/cx

Matrices form a fundamental part of electrical networks. Components such as capacitors and inductors introduce complex number arithmetic. Other fields where complex eigenvalues are common place are control engineering and mechanical engineering. «read more»

Hyperbolic Operations for HP-41cv/cx

This program adds hyperbolic operations to the HP-41. «read more»

Eigenvalues for HP-41cv/cx

This program determines the eigenvalues of a real number matrix. «read more»

Discrete Fourier Transform for HP-41cv/cx

Te discrete Fourier transform transforms a time domain function to frequency domain. «read more»

Integrate for HP-41cv/cx (PPC)

This routine uses the Romberg algorithm to calculate a numerical approximation of the definite integral of a function. The routine is iterative in that increasingly accurate approximations are calculated until two rounded consecutive approximations are equal. The routine is automatic in that no step-size information has to be provided. «read more»

First Derivative for HP-41cv/cx (PPC)

This routine will approximate the first derivative of a function at a point in one of two ways. A quick four point polynomial estimate may be made using a step size that is provided by the user, or a more precise adaptive procedure may be use which automatically searches for the optimal step size. «read more»