Arduino Stuff

Getting started with Arduino. Breakout and shields. Development environment. «read more»

ESP8266 reads Google Calendar

own work

This is not exactly the first approach of pulling data from Google Calendar, but it may be the first that directly connects to Google. This program calls the Google Script API, that in returns the relevant calendar event. «read more»

Pitch Detection on Arduino using Autocorrelation

own work

A device that recognizes the notes played on a musical instrument. 1st place in the Silicon Valley science competition. [2015] «read more»

Web browser accessing Arduino data

This article shows how an external web site can change i/o values on your Arduino. All you need is a RGB LED and an Arduino with an Ethershield or the newer Arduino Ethernet. «read more»

Snapshot Backup using DNS-321, Review and HOWTO

After 6 years to faithful service, the SMART daemon on my backup server was getting serious and it became time to retire it the server. Many new cheap network attached storage (NAS) boxes had become available, using only a fraction of the space and electricity. I ended up buying a D-Link DNS-321 for $90 and a large hard disk. «read more»

Secure Internet Appliance for SOHO

Describes how to build a Firewall, VPN Server and Wireless Access Point on a single board computer using open source software components. Other features are a stateful firewall, versatile WiFi access point, wireless security, NAT, local DNS server, dynamic host configuration server, NTP server, secure shell and highly configurable. «read more»