Google Assistant switches Sonoff S20 Switch your light on/off using your voice and the help of Google Assistant. Sure, you can run to the store and purchase a preconfigured light switch, but what's the fun in that and more importantly these switches with their close-source software require access to your home network.
Scalable IoT Integration (ESP32+Google IoT) We're only using the IoT device and Google Cloud Platform. The only programming will be in JavaScript (nodejs). No opening ports on the firewall, no IFT3. Plain and simple, 'though never as simple as getting up and flipping a light switch, or opening the outside door to see how the weather is.
Arduino parts Overview of parts and tools that I use to build Arduino projects. Includes breakout boards, shields and development environments.
ESP8266 reads Google Calendar This is not exactly the first approach of pulling data from Google Calendar, but it may be the first that directly connects to Google. This program calls the Google Script API, that in returns the relevant calendar event.
Arduino Infrared Interface for SilverLit RC Vehicles Control your Arduino creation using the remote control that came with the SilverLit RC dump truck, flatbed, bulldozer or crane. This article describes the protocol and its implementation for Arduino.
Web browser accessing Arduino data This article shows how an external web site can change i/o values on your Arduino. All you need is a RGB LED and an Arduino with an Ethershield or the newer Arduino Ethernet.
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