Levitation Describes the three forms of magnetic levitation: using superconductors, movement, or alternating current.
Aurora Borealis The Auroras are a result of these electrons and protons from the solar wind colliding with the our atmosphere. This causes a breathtaking display of light near the Earth's poles.
Maxwell’s addition to Ampère’s law Maxwell suggested that we add a term to Ampere's law, which contains the derivative of the electric flux. This is called the displacement current.
Motional EMF; AC Motors To create an induced EMF, and must change the change in the magnetic flux by either changing the magnetic field in time; changing the area in time, or changing the angle θ in time.
Ampère’s law Ampère's law relates the magnetic field of a closed loop to the electric current passing through that loop.
Moving charge; Cyclotron A magnetic field changes the direction of a moving charged particle, but it doesn't do work.
Magnets; Charges in motion; Lorenz force The magnetic force acting on a moving charge can be expressed in terms of a magnetic field. Similar to how the electric force can be expressed in terms of an electric field.
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