Endurance Running Pace Calculator Calculates the optimum training paces based on earlier race results. Aims to increase muscle efficiency and extend heart range.
Endurance Running My 1995 endurance running calculator for personalized training tables. Good intentions? Marathon? In 1995, I plunged into a ¼-marathon. An experience I will never forget. Forty-six minutes of blood sweat and tears before I passed that long awaited finish line. I held on to a railing while regaining an awareness of my surroundings. This taught me an invaluable lesson: “never, never again”. During the exercise laps, I ran like hell. I was not satisfied until I was beat. The training was no fun. I clearly needed a better approach. I found this while training for the City Pier City ½-marathon at a Road Runners club in Holland. This article discusses some of the basic theory and presents a calculator to determine your "ideal" training paces.
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