Endurance Running Pace Calculator

The key effects of endurance training are the increased muscle efficiency and extended heart range. The heart range is the difference between you minimal heart rate and anaerobic threshold. Training increases the heart volume, thereby lowering the minimal heart rate. It also increases muscle efficiency thereby increasing the anaerobic threshold from 65% up to 91% of the maximum heart rate. This is why trained people can maintain a higher pace longer. «read more»

Running routes in and around NW Portland

Portland (OR) is a great location to run. A summary of my running routes and maps can be found below. From April to October, I do my longer runs with Portland Marathon Clinic. During the winter one of the PMC coaches (Jim) leads a 12 min/mi group. We alternate our runs between North Portland, Willamette park/Sellwood and 23rd/waterfront. We all run the same pace, but distances vary widely from 8 mi up to 20 miles. «read more»

Endurance Running

My 1995 endurance running calculator for personalized training tables. Good intentions? Marathon? In 1995, I plunged into a ¼-marathon. An experience I will never forget. Forty-six minutes of blood sweat and tears before I passed that long awaited finish line. I held on to a railing while regaining an awareness of my surroundings. This taught me an invaluable lesson: “never, never again”. During the exercise laps, I ran like hell. I was not satisfied until I was beat. The training was no fun. I clearly needed a better approach. I found this while training for the City Pier City ½-marathon at a Road Runners club in Holland. This article discusses some of the basic theory and presents a calculator to determine your “ideal” training paces. «read more»