High Sierra suggestions

Selection from the many day hikes and backpack trips in the High Sierra Nevada. «read more»

Paragliding Pictures

A few of my paragliding pictures taken in Switzerland and California. «read more»

Introduction to the High Sierra Nevada

Welcome to my logbook à la picture album. Here you will find my collection of hikes through the High Sierra Nevada. The tables in this document indicate of the one way trail length, and accumulated ascend and descend. «read more»

Endurance Running Pace Calculator

The key effects of endurance training are the increased muscle efficiency and extended heart range. The heart range is the difference between you minimal heart rate and anaerobic threshold. Training increases the heart volume, thereby lowering the minimal heart rate. It also increases muscle efficiency thereby increasing the anaerobic threshold from 65% up to 91% of the maximum heart rate. This is why trained people can maintain a higher pace longer. «read more»

Green Lakes (OR)

A backpack hike to Green Lakes in Central Oregon. Pictures only. «read more»

White Pass to Shoe Lake in Goat Rocks (WA)

Interesting day hike starting in the forest, and climbing above timberline to join the Pacific Crest Trail in Goat Rocks Wilderness (WA). Maps and photographs. «read more»

Tuolumne Meadows to Towskey Lake (CA)

Escape the Yosemite crowds and enter mosquito country. Map only. «read more»

South Lake to Lake Florence (CA)

Planned backpacking trip. Map only. «read more»

Mosquito Flat to Pioneer Basin (CA)

This backpacking trip starts with a beautiful hike along Little Lakes Valley, then climbs over the rim, and enters the magnificent High Sierra Nevada. Map only. «read more»

Running routes in and around NW Portland

Portland (OR) is a great location to run. A summary of my running routes and maps can be found below. From April to October, I do my longer runs with Portland Marathon Clinic. During the winter one of the PMC coaches (Jim) leads a 12 min/mi group. We alternate our runs between North Portland, Willamette park/Sellwood and 23rd/waterfront. We all run the same pace, but distances vary widely from 8 mi up to 20 miles. «read more»

Onion Valley to Charlotte Lake (CA)

This is still on my wish list. This trail is characterized by the many lakes it touches. Initially it climbs up to Kearsarge Pass (3607 m). The view from the pass looks promising on the map. The trail then leaves the bear territory (take canisters) as it leads down into another basin dotted with little lakes. Leave early to avoid the crowds, as the first basin is within easy reach of day hikers. The Onion Valley (2804 m) trail head. Go west from Independence 15 miles to the road-end parking lot. Description, elevation and map. «read more»

Lake Sabrina to Midnight Lake (CA)

This strenuous trip lets you explore a large number of lovely lakes against a Sierra Crest backdrop, some 750 meters above. Those who can not get enough of it, may go and explore the many surrounding lakes during the afternoon of the first day. Description, elevation gain and map. «read more»