Mosquito Flat to Gem Lakes (CA) Elevation gain, distance and pictures from a day hike from Mosquito Flat to Gem Lakes in the High Sierra Nevada mountains.
North Lake to Piute Lake (CA) Elevation gain, distance and pictures from a day hike from North Lake to Piute Lake (CA) in the High Sierra Nevada mountains.
High Sierra suggestions Selection from the many day hikes and backpack trips in the High Sierra Nevada.
Paragliding Pictures Snaps shots from when reserve parachutes were uncommon and the Schweizerischer Hängegleiter-Verband had you practice every maneuver.
Introduction to the High Sierra Nevada Welcome to my logbook à la picture album. Here you will find my collection of hikes through the High Sierra Nevada. The tables in this document indicate of the one way trail length, and accumulated ascend and descend.
Endurance Running Pace Calculator Calculates the optimum training paces based on earlier race results. Aims to increase muscle efficiency and extend heart range.
Mosquito Flat to Pioneer Basin (CA) Map of a backpacking trip starting at Little Lakes Valley, then climbs over the rim, and enters the magnificent High Sierra Nevada.
Onion Valley to Charlotte Lake (CA) This is still on my wish list. This trail is characterized by the many lakes it touches. Initially it climbs up to Kearsarge Pass (3607 m). The view from the pass looks promising on the map. The trail then leaves the bear territory (take canisters) as it leads down into another basin dotted with little lakes. Leave early to avoid the crowds, as the first basin is within easy reach of day hikers. The Onion Valley (2804 m) trail head. Go west from Independence 15 miles to the road-end parking lot. Description, elevation and map.
Lake Sabrina to Midnight Lake (CA) Elevation gain, distance and map for a strenuous trip lets you explore a large number of lovely lakes against a Sierra Crest backdrop.
North Lake to Humphreys Basin (CA) Description, maps and photos from a 14 miles backpack round trip. Best season mid to late. Strenuous when done with only one overnight stay.
Silver Divide Timberline (CA) Elevation gain, distance, trip report and photos from Silver and Mono divides. Alpine meadows, indigo blue lakes in granite basins and rugged peaks.
Mosquito Flat to Ruby Lake (CA) My old time favorite. Nice'n'easy day hike near Mammoth Lakes. The trail head is accessible over a well paved road about 40 minutes from Mammoth Lakes. Elevation gain and pictures.
South Lake to Dusy Basin (CA) Elevation gain, distances, map and trip report. The trail head is located at an 30 minute drive from Bishop. You will meet Bishop pass at 3650 m.
Edison Lake to Graveyard Lake (CA) Elevation gain, distances, trip report and photographs. After following the creek for a while, the trail splits to the left heading up to Graveyard Lakes.
Endurance Running My 1995 endurance running calculator for personalized training tables. Good intentions? Marathon? In 1995, I plunged into a ¼-marathon. An experience I will never forget. Forty-six minutes of blood sweat and tears before I passed that long awaited finish line. I held on to a railing while regaining an awareness of my surroundings. This taught me an invaluable lesson: “never, never again”. During the exercise laps, I ran like hell. I was not satisfied until I was beat. The training was no fun. I clearly needed a better approach. I found this while training for the City Pier City ½-marathon at a Road Runners club in Holland. This article discusses some of the basic theory and presents a calculator to determine your "ideal" training paces.
Things to remember while scuba diving Important facts to remember while scuba diving. Collected on one page for easy reference. Pre dive briefing, safety , decent, ascent, post-dive and exit.
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