Overview Triple integrals, surface integrals and contour integrals, and bridges between them.
Curl (in space) The curl measures the value of the vector field to be conservative. For a velocity field, curl measures the rotation component of the motion.
Diffusion/heat (in space) The Diffusion equation governs motion of e.g. smoke in unmovable air, or dye in a solution.
Divergence (in space) Divergence measures how much the flow is expanding. It singles out the stretching component of motion.
Work (in space) Whenever a force is applied to an object, causing the object to move, work is done by the force.
Triple Integrals Using triple integrals we can find volume between two surfaces.
Flux; Green’s (in plane) Flux is the amount of something (water, wind, electric field, magnetic field) passing through a surface.
Curl; Green’s (in plane) For a velocity field, curl measures the rotation component of the motion. Curl also measures how far the vector field is from being conservative.
Matrices Matrices can be used to express linear relations between variables. For example when we change coordinate systems.
Vectors Vectors do not have a start point, but do have a magnitude (length) and direction. They are described in terms of the unit vectors, or using angle brackets notation.
Double Integrals Find the volume between a function f(x,y) and a certain region in the xy-plane.
Foundations Function graphs; parametric curves.
Overview Vector calculus is about differentiation and integration of vector fields. This article gives an overview of the differentiation. operations.
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