Yoghurttaart / Kwarktaart (Dutch yogurt pie)

Author:Toos Vonk


1 l yoghurt
1 cans mandarin oranges
1 bags klop-klop ("light fat variant of whipping cream")
100 g white custard sugar
orange, squeezed
egg whites, stiff
20 lady fingers
40 g pectin


  1. Cover a strainer of sieve with a squeezed out dishtowel, and place the yoghurt in it. Let the fluids drip out overnight
  2. Mix the yoghurt mix with 2/3 of the tangerines (keep fluid apart for later).. Add the sugar and the orangejuice.
  3. Beat the klop-klop (of whipping cream) and spoon this through the yoghurt mixture.
  4. Heat the juice of the tangerines, and dissolve the pectin in it. Stir this through the yohurt mixture.
  5. Spoon the stiff egg whites through the mix.
  6. Spread unbeaten an egg white over the spring tin. Cover the bottom with lady fingers. Pour the yoghurt mixture over it. Cover with the remaining tangerines.
  7. Place the pie in the fridge until stiff, about 4 hours.