• 15 years of experience in embedded software design and implementation. Powerful combination with my hardware design background.
  • Proven knowledge of writing optimized, robust device drivers.
  • Fluent in the use of GNU software development tools.
  • Strong coding skills in C (13 yr.) , C++ (4 yr), Pascal (7 yr.), Assembler (4 yr.)
  • Experience with a variety of hardware diagnostic tools to bring up new firmware: ICE (MIPS, PPC, i960 et al), BDM, logic analyzers and scopes.


Primary Care Giver (2001 to present)

  • Balanced my life by getting married and raising our two boys while running our urban farm.
  • In my free time, I stayed in touch with the professional world by developing SISO. This involved single board computer bring-up (geode sc1100); adding the apps to turn it into a VPN terminator / 802.11abg access point / DNS forward / DHCP server (URL).
  • Developed a video work flow to edit footage from H.264 based cameras using a nonlinear editor that did not support it out of the box.
  • Linux system administration to create and maintain a software build environment.

Principal Software Engineer at Lucent Technologies in Alameda, CA and Portland, OR (2000 to 2001)

  • Introduced a new method to route IP over an ATM egress, while maximizing small packet throughput. Developed an ATM SAR driver for AAL5 at OC-3c rates using PCI and DMA engines. Starting with schematics review, brought up the hardware, worked with the component vendors, developed the software, and guided the product through SQA and FCS.
  • Co-designed an ATM/MPLS board targeted at switching voice traffic at 10 Gbps (OC-192c) rates. At the core of this egress board are hardware parts such as network processors, and traffic/memory managers (MMC), and custom ASICs.
  • Development on a proprietary cooperative multitasking micro kernel, enabling performance enhancements and debugging of embedded networking products.

Senior Software Engineer Ascend Communications Alameda, CA (1997 to 2000)

  • Developed two ATM device drivers (NEC’401 and IBM Charm). These drivers now transport much of the remote access traffic to the Internet backbone.
  • Conducted system bring-up of new boards with various CPUs and PCI-bridges. Low level debugging on PowerPC, MIPS and Intel, and peripheral buses.
  • Added features and enhancements; provided sustaining support to ISDN and IP routing software for major accounts such as UUNet, US West, WorldCom, Sprint, AT&T, NTT (Japan), DT (Germany), BT (UK) and FT (France).
  • Successfully incorporated engineers from a Scottish company, transferring knowledge and skills.
  • Developed an ISDN T1 driver taking advantage of the hardware signaling assist.
  • Using GNU/Linux development tools, worked on a large code base with engineers scattered throughout the world.
  • Introduced congestion avoidance to Ascend’s successful range of access routers.
  • Implemented inter-trunk telecom signaling to boost the sale of VoIP solutions.

Software Engineer and Project Manager at Royal Dutch Telecom Research Labs, NETHERLANDS (1994 to 1997)

  • Designed the process architecture for a redundant and fault-tolerant leading image recognition system for the banking industry.
  • Specified and implemented a flexible IP-based communication protocol used to interface with third party equipment.
  • Provided architectural guidance to other engineers. Managed development, SQA, customer relations and maintenance of software.
  • Drove projects to completion by influencing and assisting a diverse team of project specialists.

Software Engineer at Royal Dutch Telecom Research Labs, NETHERLANDS (1990 to 1994)

  • Designed the process architecture for a 48-CPU transputer system used in optical character recognition of giro and postal documents.
  • Specified and implemented VME-bus interfaces used to communicate with third party equipment.
  • Responsible for handling technical contacts with our American partner.

Hardware Engineering at various places (1987 – June 1988, Summer 1989)

  • Designed and developed hardware to overlay a PC screen with MPEG video streams. Used the emerging Xilinx FPGAs to provide a compact and flexible solution. This thesis awarded highest honors.
  • Wrote process visualization, PLC demonstration programs focusing on user interface design. (internship at SattControl)
  • Designed and developed hardware to overlay PAL video signals with text menus used for the user interface in an ATM pilot. (internship at Royal Dutch Telecom Research)
  • Performed a variety of maintenance and SQA functions. (internship at Fokker Defense)


  • HTS Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Graduated in Electrical Engineering and Data Communications (MSEE)
  • Antonie Keldermans MTS Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands.  Graduated in Electrical Engineering


  • Fluent in English and Dutch, working knowledge of German.
  • Completed emergency response training; taught basic first aid to teenagers.
  • Endurance running, paragliding, hiking and exploring.
  • Represented non-union employees in meetings with the CEO, CFO and CTO. (Royal Dutch Telecom Research)
  • Professional SCUBA Dive Master, 1992 – present.
  • Dutch citizenship. Authorized to work in the U.S.A. (permanent resident).
  • Driven by Silicon Valley’s gumption and work ethics.
Embedded software developer
Passionately curious and stubbornly persistent. Enjoys to inspire and consult with others to exchange the poetry of logical ideas.

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