Introduction to the High Sierra Nevada

“I have sometimes been asked what charm there can be in the higher levels of the Sierra, when the forests are gone and nothing remains that is not dead and forbidding, a bare crags and snow-fields. To such a question the surest answer would be an evening spent in such a camp as we had that night. Such a scene! – wild, desolate, forbidding. White granite for miles, black shadows in the canyons and clefts glistening show, and tiny lakes sparkling in the moonlight: jagged, fantastic peaks and pinnacles with alpine intensity of light and shadow, and masses of ice and snow clinging to the gentler slopes. And withal the intense quiet and loneliness of the place, a seeming new world where man and his works are nothing. The thrill of it all comes even now, though months have passed, and will remain through the years to come.”

— Lincoln Hutchinson, 1903

Welcome to my logbook à la picture album. Here you will find my collection of hikes through the High Sierra Nevada. The tables in this document indicate of the one way trail length, and accumulated ascend and descend. Sorry, most of the logs are still in Dutch, since I have not gotten around to to translate them.

‘though this may help you planning your trip, it should by no means be your only source. Always consult official forest service maps!
Mountaineering doesn’t have much purpose but much meaning

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