This project is a co-production with my then 9-year old.  It creates a little robot that responds to a remote control or dances to the music.
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Design documents for MIDImike, a device that recognizes musical pitch and performs notelevel segmentation. The recognized notes are displayed on a screen and output over USB-MIDI. It won 1st place in the Silicon Valley science competition.
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own work
The SilverLit Remote Control vehicle protocol. Allows you to use the remote control that came with the SilverLit RC set with Arduino.
ESP8266 based alarm clock that fetches you AM appointment from Google Calendar. Uses a now defunct Google Web App script.
Describes how to use a microcontroller and infrared LED, to let Google Assistant control infrared enabled devices.
Driver for Rotary Encoder on Arduino 101 (and other boards with sufficient IRQs).