Exchanging video between DaVinci Resolve and FFMPEG In an ideal world, there would be a video Coder/Decoder (CODEC) that supports an alpha channel (transparency) (with full support in Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve and FFMPEG. The DNxHR CODEC would be a great candidate, if only both DaVinci Resolve and FFMPEG would support the same bit depth with an alpha channel. This leaves us …
Day 15 The oldest gets brave about flying out. There goes the oldest. The middle one flies out a minute later. Hiding until the crows are gone.
Day 14 Nice insects mommy. Papa has a busy morning. Even the youngest is thinking about it. The oldest wants to follow his mother. Maybe later.
Day 13 These birds are well cared for. No wonder papa says high up. Getting big ideas. Mommy has to maneuver out of the way.
Day 12 Papa found a safer landing. Time to care for those wings. Instant energy. Make space for mommy. Up close with a nest of American robins.
Day 11 Mommy's beak is strained from the cherries. Papa stays well clear. A nap with a full belly. Mommy can barely wait her turn.
Day 10 Scaring a crow from the nest. Some serious worms. Time to lay low. All in choir. Wings get you higher. Up close with American robins.
Day 9 The nest is getting small for all. Oil those shiny new feathers. Why do you always lay on top of me? Papa and mommy have their hands full.
Day 8 They are getting big. Mommy shares her passion for cherries. Remember: we are hungry. Eating, napping and growing.
Day 7 Parents are working overtime. Synchronous begging. Keep your head in. They jump for it. Mommy is in high demand. There is number 3.
Day 6 Papa robin spends more time bonding. Trying to find some space. Long necks get closer to the food. Up close with a nest of American robins.
Day 5 Two busy parents. Full bellies. Feathers are starting on the oldest. Small eye slits. Up close with a nest of American robins.
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